If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week.
— Charles Darwin

If you're looking for something to match the intense, raw, and kaleidoscopic nature of New York City, then this tour is it. Surrounded by professional musicians in the audience under violet blue stagelights or the sparkle of a string of lights, this is not your ordinary jazz tour. Even after being a New Yorker for the past decade, I did not realize the deep dark corners of this hidden downtown music scene. You aren't going to find the typical jazz standards and these won't be shows listed in Time Out, which is all the better. There is a sense of discovery-- finding something raucous, cutting, and intimate. The music is complex and layered. On this night, we got to see three different bands in a cozy intimate club in Alphabet City: one man band multi-instrumentalist Nate Wood, Zach Danziger on drums/ Kevin Scott on bass, and the Dan Weiss/Ben Monder Duo. Colorful video projections and audio were integrated into the improvisation. The drummers are so intense, their drumsticks appear to shatter midair. Don't know these musicians? I learned all the intricate histories and evolution of the musical style and professional musicians from the tour guide Daniel who has been following these NYC-based jazz musicians since 2004. I walked away feeling like I had a more personal understanding with the musicians -- and a more personal connection with their work. If you want to lean into the intensity of NYC, then lean into this because you won't find it anywhere else but here.

-Mar, New York

I highly recommend this tour!  We were worried we wouldn’t find cool smaller authentic jazz clubs on our own in the Big Apple, and we were right. There was no way we would have succeeded to find and manoeuvre NYC in the way the a train tour that Danny and a Tracey took us on.  I mean who would have thought I could see Wayne Krantz without paying a hefty cover charge.  The night was great, covered 4 clubs from 6.30 PM to 3.00 AM. A few people dropped off after the 3rd club around midnight, but the last set and jam I was so glad I stayed.  We met some crazy people from all over, and whilst I always liked jazz I now love the live experience offered by these 2 music professionals A+ for the A Train Jazz Tour....

-Amber W, Gold Coast, Australia

Tracey and Daniel took us on an amazing tour of the New York musical scene, going far beyond the obvious. They are fantastic people with a great vibe, truly knowledgeable and passionate about jazz, and have some terrific stories to tell. If you want to step outside your musical comfort zone, this is the tour for you!

-Rafael K, Munich

I had an amazing night on the A Train Jazz Tour. Tracey was a delightful tour guide. Experiencing a variety of jazz styles in a number of intimate venues was fantastic. I came away inspired ! 
Simone A, Vancouver

I have seen a lot of music in my life but the night out with Tracey and Daniel was a musical revelation. I am a musician myself and was completely inspired by the jazz music I heard. Not only was the music great but also the clubs and bars we visited were totally underground. I highly recommend this Jazz tour to everybody not only interested in music but also the hidden corners of NYC.

-Ananda G, Harlem

A really interesting discovery of the vast universe of jazz in the company of an exciting and really friendly guide MERCI ! Excellence soirée !

-Monique, Mérignac, France