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Raucous, cutting, intimate
— review in chatter by Mar

New York City and jazz are synonymous. The city remains the uncontested capital of progressive, improvisational music in the world, soaked in rich tradition that is the fruitful soil for an ever-growing and awe-inspiring music scene. Jazz is not dead but emerges in underground bars, back street warehouses, city parks, and secret living rooms across Manhattan and Brooklyn, obscured to the naked eye like the hidden ponds and streams below Canal Street.

Discover this underground music scene with 'A-Train Jazz Tours' as your guide. Allow us to take you on a musical journey, criss-crossing the multi-faceted neighbourhoods of lower Manhattan and in the borough of Brooklyn.

Experience in real time how musicians are co-creating and improvising with the highest order of skill. 

Meet the musicians in person, 'sit-in’ at jam sessions, hear stories of HERE AND NOW or THERE AND THEN. Break on through to the other side for an unforgettable experience.

A night filled with magic, adventure, listening, laughter, dive bars, neighbourhood locals, and bar keepers with attitude. In as much as the music is part of our jazz tours, the city itself self serves as an organic canvas on which music lovers, musicians, bar patrons, and jazz heads converge in a chiaroscuro like that of the famous 1942 art work 'Nighthawks' by Edward Hopper, a kaleidoscope of rhythm, melody, sound, and above all harmony.

'A-Train Jazz Tours NYC' is not about big brand jazz at corporate clubs. All they want is your money, we want your soul. We are taking you on a deeply transformative trip to NYC's hidden gems, through a labyrinth of intimate venues with sonic surprises lurking around every corner. The name of our tour originates from the tune made famous by Duke Ellington, 'Take The A Train'. However, don't expect any traditional jazz, expect the unexpected.

Let the music begin, 'Take the A-Train' Jazz Tour.....'Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Please.'



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